War Movies

Chuck's military service didn't end with his discharge from the Army in 1945. He was back in the military service in several of his early movies,  South Sea Woman, Dragonfly Squadron, Target Zero, Three Stripes in the Sun, Hold Back the Night and Escape of the Birdmen.  Chuck's roles ran the gamut from a tough infantry captain in Korea to a happy-go-lucky soldier in post-war Japan to a POW in WW II.  He portrayed the ranks of  Private, Sergeant, Major, Captain and Colonel.  He also had

Dragonfly Squadron - 1954

Three Stripes in The Sun - 1955

Hold Back the Night - 1956

Target Zero - 1955

some wonderful co-stars,  John Payne, Peter Graves, Aldo Rey, and Dick York were among them. Chuck also wore a military uniform in several early television roles, The Good Sister (Four Star Playhouse), Barbed Wire Christmas (Cavalcade of America), The Comeback: The Lou Brissie Story (Crossroads) and appeared in three episodes of West Point.  Chuck always treated the military with honor and respect whether on screen or off.  He proudly wore the uniform of his country.