Tomahawk Trail is a very good western that was filmed in Kanab, Utah, in 1957.  In this film Chuck plays Sgt. Wade McCoy, an experienced cavalry man who is forced to take over command from an incompetent lieutenant. Ignoring sound advice, the lieutenant leads the troops into an Apache ambush.  This results in their unit being attacked, with many men wounded and their horses stolen by the Apaches. Although they are now on foot,

Sgt. McCoy manages to get the troop to the nearest fort, only to 

discover that all of the soldiers there have been killed in an Apache raid.  He now has to prepare the men for the eventual attack by the Apaches and he also has to protect an Indian woman that's being held captive from the inappropriate attention of one of the soldiers.  During all of this, his character is also being threatened with a court-martial from the wounded, but still incompetent lieutenant.  This movie also starred John Smith, Eddie Little Sky, Lisa Montell and Henry Dean Stanton.

Tomahawk Trail