Chuck caused quite a bit of mayhem before he is finally stopped and did a fine job playing a slightly deranged character. The movie reunited Chuck with Vince Edwards as they had appeared together in an western called The Hired Gun early in their careers.  Other members of the cast were Neville Brand and Faith Quabius (who later became the third Mrs. Connors).  Also making an appearance was Chuck's son, Jeff, as a young man who bumps into The Mad Bomber as they walked along a sidewalk.

The Mad Bomber

In The Mad Bomber (1973) Chuck played a character named William Dorn, a man who is tormented by the death of his daughter who died due to a drug overdose and the resulting breakup of his marriage.  Chuck's character wore thick glasses and exhibited rage at just about everyone he came in contact with.  The police officer tasked with stopping him was named Geronimo Minelli played by Vince Edwards.