The Birdmen

The Birdmen was a movie made for television filmed in 1971.  It is the story of a group of POWs held in a German prison on a mountain fortress high in the Alps.  Because of its location, it is viewed as inescapable.  That doesn't mean the Allied prisoners don't try, but their every effort has been thwarted by the Germans. Chuck plays Colonel Morgan Crawford, the

highest ranking officer among the prisoners.  Also starring in the movie are Doug McClure, Rene Auberjonois, Richard Basehart, Max Baer, Jr. and Tom Skerritt. 

When Doug McClure's character is sent to this prison, he comes up with a plan to build a glider to escape and save a fellow prisoner who is working with the Allies on the atomic bomb.  At first he doesn't divulge who is going to be his passenger in the escape but eventually the other men learn to trust him and work with him to outsmart the Gestapo. They are almost caught in the act by the Germans and it is Chuck's character who pilots the glider out of the prison.