Chuck received the key to the city in Clearwater, Florida, 1961

Chuck presented this little boy with a toy Rifleman Rifle while appearing in Lubbock, Texas.

Chuck shows his rifle during a visit to Hess' Department Store in the 1960's


parish team.  Couldn't even come close.  Later, when I joined the Bay Ridge Boys Club, I learned

how to play," he told us.  Soon it was time to go.  But the swarm of little people had different

ideas.  Then, after a huddle, the limousine started down the street.  Suddenly, Chuck pointed over the kids heads and when they all turned around, he sprinted for the car and made his getaway.   
Story by Gregg Nessor,
New York Mirror Magazine, November 9, 1958

Chuck at Lynch Road Assembly Plant, 1959 

 Chuck and his security detail at a personal appearance in
  Lubbock, Texas 1961

Wyoming Western Film Festival
Lifetime Achievement Award 1990

showed up in a ten gallon hat, high heeled Texas boots and corduroy jeans, carrying a Winchester rifle. However, she recovered quickly and graciously introduced Kevin "Chuck" Connors to the other nuns who had gathered about her more or less defensively.   Even the kids, who waited after school to help make today's cover photo, were noticeably overwhelmed by the "giant" who strode into the second grade classroom.  Then some recognized "Chuck" as the bad guy in Western shows they had seen on TV, and the excitement soared. 

The Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1991

Personal Appearances

Chuck with the ladies at the Hess Department Store

Former stars of The Rifleman attended the Hollywood Star ceremony 

Patricia Blair, Johnny Crawford and Joan Taylor

In the schoolyard, Chuck was inundated by the kids for autographs.  To satisfy demands, he fired a load of blanks from the gun which served only to jazz the kids up more to bring a host of others to the scene (some screaming "Elvis", no less).  It's well known that Chuck is a former Brooklyn Dodger and Chicago Cubs ballplayer.  "But I bet you don't know that I couldn't make the Bay

TV star Chuck Connors acknowledges a rousing cheer given by youngsters in the yard of Our Lady of

Perpetual Help School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, his alma mater. Sister Miriam Loretta, principal of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York knew that a distinguished alumnus was coming back for a visit.  But she was hardly prepared

for the 6 foot, 5 inch, 222 pound hunk of man who 

Western Walk of Stars

Chuck received numerous awards during his career

Special Moments

"This is wonderful" the star of ABC TV's "The Rifleman" sighed. "Did you know

that this was my classroom?    It was also Chuck's first visit to the school since

he graduated with honors in 1935 and the memories came flooding back.  Now

he's the father of four boys himself.  "Is Sister Rainette still here?  I remember

getting in trouble and putting a book in the seat of my pants to kinda soften

her blows and Sister Xavier.....she was a short one.  I had to get down on my

knees so she could shake her finger in my face while scolding me."  But none

of Chuck's old teachers were there.  Some had passed on, the principal told

him, others had transferred elsewhere.  "You must have been quite a pupil, " she smiled and then showed him his last report card.  Only two subjects were graded under 95 but Chuck was more impressed with the color of the card.  "See how yellow it is," he murmured.  "First sign I've had

that the old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. Look at the English! 95!  And you should

hear the way I murder it in cowboy movies and TV westerns!" 

These photos were taken in Saigon, Vietnam at the
AFVN - American Forces Vietnam Network
AFVN was the American Military Radio and Televison during the Vietnam War

In 1984 Chuck was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Buffalo Bill Award
Presented to people in the entertainment industry that have demonstrated, through their lifelong body of work, a commitment to representing and promoting a positive image of the western way of life.