Chuck played Jonas Trapp in Ride Beyond Vengeance, a 1966 movie that also starred Paul Fix, Bill Bixby, Michael Rennie, Claude Akins, Arthur O'Connell, Joan Blondell, James MacArthur, Ruth Warrick and Kathryn Hays who played Jessie.  It is the story of the poor boy in town who fell in love with the richest girl in town.  To get her aunt, played by Ruth Warrick, to allow her to marry Jonas, Jessie tells her that they have to

course, Jessie is shocked to see Jonas back and not at all interested in reuniting with the man who left her 11 years earlier.  Arthur O'Connell has the part of a bartender in modern Coldiron and he is the narrator for the story.  It was a reunion of sorts,  both Chuck and Arthur helped train soldiers at West Point during WW II.

Ride Beyond Vengeance

get married.  This did not endear Jonas to the Aunt, but she did allow the marriage.  However, Jonas is not happy being considered to be living off his wife's money and wants to become a buffalo hunter to earn his own money, to be his own man.  Jessie refuses to leave her aunt and her home so Jonas leaves without her.  He's gone for a long 11 years without a word to Jessie who by now assumes he is dead.  Not only he is not dead, but Jonas has saved up $17,000 that he is bringing home to his wife.  

Chuck's house to get it perfect.  Ride Beyond Vengeance was very well received by critics and audiences and Chuck did an outstanding job.

Close to home, Jonas is set upon by Bill Bixby, Claude Akins and Michael Rennie. They accuse him of being a rustler. They beat him, brand him and leave him for dead.  Paul Fix rescues him and nurses his wounds.  When Jonas discovers the money was stolen, he sets out to get it back and to wreck vengeance on the men who did this to him.  He finds the three in his own town of Coldiron.  It gets a little more complicated when it turns out Michael Rennie and Jessie Trapp are in love and planning to marry.  Of

Chuck loved the distressed leather jacket he wore and ordered two for his Branded show.  These jackets did not start out distressed but were subjected to various tortures by the costumer to get just the right look for a dusty Buffalo Hunter. Chuck and Claude Akins staged a huge bar-room brawl that was considered one of the best ever shown in a movie.   They practiced for days, even practicing at