his intended. Doris is rescued by the U.S. Navy from the island she was  marooned on.  She tries to contact her husband, but he has just left on his honeymoon.  With his mother's help, (played by Thelma Ritter), she follows him to his honeymoon hotel where, needless to say, he's shocked to see that she is alive.  He also discovers that Doris wasn't alone on that island for five years, she had a companion, Adam Burkett, (played by Chuck). 

Chuck's character is an overly confident man, very used to feminine attention and he's definitely interested in Doris.  James Garner's character is very jealous and is suspicious that those years on the island with Adam couldn't have been platonic.  His fantasies of what could have happened on the island are very funny scenes.  

Move Over, Darling is actually a remake of the 1940 movie, My Favorite Wife.  The 1940 version starred Irene Dunne, Cary Grant and Randolph Scott.  The 1963 version starred also Doris Day, James Garner, Polly Bergen, Thelma Ritter, Edgar Buchanan, Don Knotts, and John Astin.
It is the story of a lawyer (James Garner) whose wife (Doris Day) disappeared into the sea after a plane crash.  Five years have passed and he has just declared her dead and plans to marry again (Polly Bergen) is

Move Over, Darling