Horror Movies

Chuck appeared in several  sci-fi/horror movies and did a great job in each one.  He once said he thought about becoming the next Boris Karloff and stated these characters were a lot of fun to play.
In movies such as  Summer Camp Nightmare (1987), Tourist Trap (1979), High Desert Kill (1989), Maniac Killer (1987), The Horror at 37,000 Feet (1973), and Virus (1980), Chuck played a variety of characters.  He played a summer camp supervisor, a demented wax

Chuck with Vincent Price

museum owner, a professional hunter/guide, a brilliant biochemist,

an airline pilot and a submarine captain.  Chuck also co-starred in

the futuristic Soylent Green with Charlton Heston. His career in the horror/sci-fi genre was certainly capped by his portrayal of Janos Skorzeny, the head vampire in the series Werewolf.  This series

became immensely popular, especially with college students. 

Chuck did an outstanding job as the menacing Skorzeny.