Chuck had a featured role in the very popular western, Gunsmoke, which aired on June 16, 1956.   Chuck played a loud bully named Roaring Sam Keeler.  He got off the stagecoach in Dodge just looking for a fight and immediately went after a timid man named Seth Tandy.  Sam loudly announced himself as a bearcat that can beat anybody with his fists.  He doesn't carry a gun at all.  He begins to beat poor Seth who is too timid to fight back when Marshall Dillon

comes to the rescue. The Marshal tells Sam he is a coward because he is beating on someone not able to defend himself and that infuriates Sam even more.   Of course, by the end of the episode Marshal Dillon has shown Roaring Sam that he is not unbeatable nor is he welcome in Dodge.  Chuck (6' 5 1/2") had to wear two inch lifts in his boots to be taller than James Arness (6' 7"). Seth Tandy was played by Royal Dano who went on to guest star several times on The Rifleman.