One of their good friends is lost at sea and their home is buffeted by the storm and Porter's fishing boat sustains damage. The damage is so severe that he has to go inland to have it fixed.  He leaves a long list of chores for Sandy to accomplish in his absence.  But then Sandy witnesses a dolphin being shot with a spear gun.  He initially thinks he should kill the dolphin to end its suffering, but instead, with his mother's help, nurses him back to health and learns to love the dolphin. He spends more time finding fish to feed his new friend than doing any of the chores his father wanted done. 

Porter returns and insists Flipper be released into the wild.  Over Sandy's protests, Porter lets him out of the pen.  However, Flipper later returns and wipes out their entire catch of fish.  Porter and Sandy have a serious falling out and Porter instructs Sandy to replace all the fish the dolphin ate.  In the meantime, the fishermen have decided they must kill the dolphins who are eating the few fish that are around but plans go awry when Flipper saves Sandy from the jaws of a shark.  Even Porter learns to love Flipper.  It was a great family movie and Chuck once again played a wonderful father figure.

son and his son is eager to be just like his Pa.  However, there are few fish to be caught making their entire community feel the pinch of less money.  Then Hurricane Hazel hits. 

In 1964, Chuck starred in Flipper along with  Kathleen Maguire, Luke Halpin and, of course, Flipper (whose real name was Mitzi).  Joe Higgins also had a featured role.  It was filmed in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.  Flipper tells the story of fisherman Porter Ricks, his wife Martha and their son, Sandy.  The Ricks family are dependent on catching fish for a living. Porter takes great pride in passing down his trade to his