In 1955, Chuck had a guest starring role on the very popular TV series, "Superman." Chuck played a character named Sylvester J. Superman in the episode titled, Flight to the North, as a very strong but somewhat naive country boy who travels with his mule, Lillybelle.  Confusion sets in when Sylvester answers an ad in the newspaper asking for Superman's help.  It seems the woman who placed the ad wants Superman to bring a very special lemon meringue pie to her boyfriend 

who is stationed in a remote area of Alaska.  He accepts the offer and then the real Superman shows up and discovers Sylvester is already on the job. Complications set in when a small time criminal also wants that special pie and he sets out to stop Sylvester from delivering it.  It seems that Clark Kent has been keeping his eye on that particular criminal and flies in just in time to prevent the pie from going to the wrong man.  Sylvester and Lillybelle finish their mission and they return to Metropolis. 

Flight to the North