In 1971, Chuck performed on stage in “Mary, Mary” at the Drury Theatre in Chicago.  His co-star in the play was an actress named Faith Quabius.  Chuck and Faith performed in the play again in Tampa, FL, in 1972.  In 1973, Faith had a small part in Chuck’s movie “Soylent Green”, a futuristic look at overpopulation which also starred Charlton Heston.  That same year, Faith also had a part in Chuck’s movie, “The Mad Bomber.”  When Chuck was invited to Russia to meet Leonid Brezhnev, she accompanied him and appeared in the documentary titled, “Peace and Friendship”.  After several years of dating, they married in a private ceremony in Mexico in 1977.  They worked together again in 1979 in the play, “Love on the Cusp.”  However, this marriage also ended in divorce in 1980 causing Chuck to proclaim that it was “three strikes and you’re out!”  He never married again. 

During the filming of “Geronimo” Chuck met Indian-born actress Kamala Devi.    Kamala played the part of “Teela”, the Apache maiden that captured the heart of Geronimo.  After Chuck’s divorce from his first wife Betty, he and Kamala were married in 1963.  Chuck and Kamala built a lovely home together in the hills above Hollywood and worked together several times.  Kamala played Chuck’s love interest in “Branded.”  She also worked with him on “Arrest and Trial” as well as “Cowboy in Africa.”  They also participated in many charity golf tournaments together.  The marriage did not last and they were divorced in 1973.

Over the years three more sons were born, Jeffrey (1952), Stephen (1953) and Kevin (1956).  They were all born in Los Angeles and were raised in the house that Betty and Chuck built in Woodland Hills.  Their home included a large swimming pool, a tree house that Chuck built and even some farm animals, everything young boys could possibly want.  Chuck and Betty had many happy years together before divorcing in 1962. Betty passed away February 27, 1992 and Chuck passed away eight months later on November 10, 1992. Betty is also buried in the San Fernando Mission Cemetery; as are Chuck's parents, Alan and Marcella Connors.  

Family Tree

Anxious to start a family, Chuck and Betty joyfully welcomed their first son, Michael, in November 1950.  However, Montreal was not going to be their home for too long as Betty and baby Mike followed Chuck to various other cities as Chuck was traded in 1951 to Los Angeles Angels and then to the Chicago Cubs.  He was back with the Los Angeles Angels in 1952 and remained in California from that point on, retiring from baseball and pursuing an acting career.

Chuck met Elizabeth "Betty" Riddell in the spring of 1948 while he was playing for the Montreal Royals.  Betty was a beautiful 20 year old model who had never seen a baseball game before.  But both Chuck and baseball certainly became a major portion of her life from that point on. After a whirlwind courtship, Betty and Chuck married in Montreal in October 1948 and then the couple spent part of their “honeymoon” traveling with the team for championship games.