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Mike McGlinchey said:  September 11, 2017 

Thank you for this wonderful web site. We have been watching the Rifleman on broadcast TV. I really miss the values and examples this show set. These are rare commodities in this day and age, particularly on TV. This site is very thorough with it's information and I really appreciate your work. By the way, I'm 64 years old, so I watched the show the first time around.

Warren Webb said:  April 9, 2017 

I too was one of the fans of the Rifleman. Growing up with shows like it I feel groomed kids for a successful adulthood. I am sad to read that Jeff Connors, one of Chucks sons, had passed away a couple of years ago. I worked with Jeff in the late 70's, a good guy always willing to help when asked. My condolences to the family for their loss.   

Carol King said:  November 10, 2016  

Special thoughts are with you today as always. Even after 24 years you are greatly missed but your lasting memory will continue to inspire us all to live with joy in our hearts and love for one another. Rest in Peace and God Bless!

Nancy said: October 25, 2016 

Have been a fan of Chuck's forever. What I have read he was as wonderful a person in his personal life as he was an actor and entertainer. The Rifleman is still being watched and talked about 50 years later. The life lessons of Lucas and Mark are still relevant today. I think the writing of the show was before its time. It is amazing what they produced in a 30 minute show. Loved Lucas saying in the episode 'Surveyors" to Mark...."I love you more than anything else in the whole world". Long live the Rifleman!!

Steve Sweeney said: October 19, 2016 

Great website!  Enjoyed my time here I will return. Still love The Rifleman!!

Galen Cox said:  September 12, 2016 

I just wish I could of met him. I still watch all the Rifleman shows when they come on.

rosemary-doyle said:  July 29, 2016 

I never met him but would have loved it if he was standing at the alter waiting

for me.  I have loved him forever!!!

Jack Lincks said: June 20, 2016 

I watched the Rifleman show as a kid the age of the TV "Mark". I always wanted that rifle too. Decades later, as a Sergeant of the NYPD, at the NYC St. Patrick's day parade [ year approximately 1978-1981 ] Chuck Connors patiently waited to cross Fifth Ave. as the marchers were coming up the avenue. He politely asked if he could cross over etc. I told him I would get him over A.S.A.P. He never mentioned who he was, nor did I acknowledge I was aware of his identity. I crossed the avenue with him, and as we got to the other side, I just asked him  "Do you still have that rifle?" He just smiled and knew he was recognized from his big successful show. He was NOT the customary blowhard actor who thought he was special. I wish now I had more time to have spoken to him. He, like I, also served in the Army. His going over to Viet Nam was emblematic of his character. May he rest in peace. Jack Lincks [ ret. NYPD / Lt.]

Annamaria Kosznicki said:  June 18, 2016

I just came across the Rifleman on AMC this morning. I was struck by the commanding presence of the lead actor. I just couldn't change the channel. I even did some research to find out who this man is. That's how I found your site. I wanted you to know that I enjoyed watching him on the rifleman and look for to watching him in his other films. I'm sorry that has passed. After reading about his life and accomplishments, I can see that he was a kind and generous person who lead a wonderful life. 

Della Robinson-Melton  said:   May 7th, 2016
Thank you, Mr. Connors for many years of portraying wholesome family values. My childhood was visually reinforced by the teachings of the "Golden Rule" thru your episodes. Those values still remain with me to this day.

Barb Black  said:   May 2nd, 2016
I really enjoy this website. I love watching the Rifleman and I still do every day. Thanks a lot for making it available. I miss Chuck Conners. I watch the show because it grounds me and makes me feel safe. I suppose it's the good old standards we all used to live by

Noel Carroll said:   April 15th, 2016
Wonderful site. Always loved my cowboys. Dreamed of being Mrs. Lucas McCain growing up. Watching The Rifleman on HULU now.

Susan Cast said:   April 11th, 2016

Chuck Connors was awesome. Many thanks for this information about him. Love me some Lucas Boy & Mark.

Carol King said:   April 10th, 2016
Thoughts are with you today on your Birthday! You were indeed so "special" and there is still absolutely no person who is as extraordinary as you were!!!!!!! I will love you always...............

Admiral1701JB said:   April 9th, 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my soft angel blue eyed handsome! your 95 today! 10 April 2016.even if u don't look at day over 40 on Saturday mornings. Thank you for the extraordinary web site you have put together .

Linda A. Leighton said:   April 7th, 2016
Have always enjoyed anything Chuck Connors stars/appears in. Good Morning, Miss Dove has been one of my very favorites. It doesn't seem to be well known; however, it is a wonderful movie.

sally cpnfer said:   April 6th, 2016
you can watch the rifleman on me t.v., i live in augusta ga, and it comes on at 3 weekdays. Great show.

John Bourdage said:   April 3rd, 2016
Chuck was the best. Loved what he did in his career. I was so fortunate when his secretary, Rosemary, telephoned me to talk about Chuck and his work over the years. She was thrilled at what I had to say and so sent me a Rifleman baseball cap which I still have. 

veronica walsh don said:   February 27th, 2016
I grew up in Brooklyn and my mother was a girl scout leader. Her co-leader for her troop was a tall blonde woman with a square jaw. If I remember correctly, her first name was Jane. I don't remember her married last name. But, she was Chuck Connors' first cousin.

Dr. Robert B. Turcotte said:   February 20th, 2016
Even today, I get up early on Saturday Mornings, as I did when I was a child, to watch Chuck Connor's, first in Boston, then Rhode Island, and now in Horizon City Texas. When you become a man you don't throw away all things of your childhood, because they not only have value, but they contain the American Values so perfectly portrayed in the Rifleman by Chuck Connors. I grew up with him, l love his body of work, and pray for him along with my other heroes after my father died when I was six.

Charlie Moyer said:   February 10th, 2016
Mr. Connors was one of my favorite actors. I enjoyed him in the rifleman, horror at 37,000 feet and the mad bomber, to mention a few. This is one actor that if not already, will surely be missed by all.

Jessie said:   February 6th, 2016
I am a 70 year old wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I watched Rifleman along with my boys and now watch every Saturday morning hour after hour. Good wholesome television.

Stephen said:   January 16th, 2016
Lucas rocks, taped the episodes when they aired on Family Channel in the 1980s, & still enjoy watching them -- B&W makes westerns seem so much more authentic

Gale Owen said:   January 12th, 2016
Growing up my favorite western series was The Rifleman. It was wholesome entertainment with great family values. Recently my wife recorded several years worth of episodes which we watch every night. Even after all these years The Rifleman is one of my favorite westerns. This site showed what a decent man Chuck Conners really was. May he rest in peace. 

Jackie Stephens said:   January 9th, 2016
My husband and I love watching "The Rifleman" together! Thank you for putting together this website for all of us to enjoy!

Charlotte said:   December 24th, 2015
I have really enjoyed learning more about Chuck Connors. I have always loved him on TV and in the movies. Thank you for sharing.

Grace said:   December 21st, 2015
Wished they had made a Christmas episode with Johnny Crawford singing some of the Christmas carols. Surprised they didn't.

James Newton Hall Jr said:   November 21st, 2015
I grew up following Chuck over his career. His TV roll reminded me so much of my dad, in those days and now. Both were 6'6"! Anyway, I could go on, but so many have said so much more, and so much better! Thank you SO much for the memories. I do have this page bookmarked so I can continue with your wonderful memories. James Hall

Carol King said:   November 10th, 2015
To an extraordinarily, exceptional man who everyone loves and truly misses. Although I did not have the wonderful pleasure to have met you, perhaps I will meet you in heaven some day! Life is a gift, remembrance is love. I will love you always. God Bless!.........................

Candace Cooke said:   October 30th, 2015
I truly loved watching the rifle man that so much fun going through this scrapbook as you will! He was a man's man!

Kevin Hall said:   October 22nd, 2015
I watched "The Rifleman" as a boy but love it even more now. I wish they had more shows these days with some "morality" enmeshed with reality. May God bless the memory of Chuck Connors.

Susan B. Wrightg said:   October 13th, 2015
This may surprise many people and I don't know exact years but Chuck Connor was a member of a drum and bugle corps"OLPH" Our Lady of Perpetual Help which he was also a altar boy.

Anna Hernandez said:   October 4th, 2015
Grace JH, October 4th 2015 love this site and love visiting!! I look forward just about every evening to visit the McCain son DVD! I so adore the loving father and son relationship Lucas had with Mark. The great acting of Chuck Conners and Johnny Crawford still amazes me . The parts where Mark would run into his father's arms kissing him, So beautiful.

Kay Cockfield said:   September 23rd, 2015
Watch the Rifleman as kid. I'm a lot older now and still watching it. Chuck Connors was great.

Dean said:   September 17th, 2015
Thanks for making this site available. I know how special Mr Connor's was to everyone. Priceless! As I have seen mentioned before it is sad that we don't quality shows like the westerns that seem to teach without "teaching". It was about being a good example --- not perfect but with all our humanly, earthly flaws but there was goodness taught. And we wonder why our USA is lost and lacks Godly direction. We thank God for Chuck Connor's. He was one of the few " good ones" that we can all learn. Thank you and God Bless America. 

Anne Cutcher said:   August 21st, 2015
I watched the Rifleman as a kid and watch it now at age 70. I love the morals portrayed in almost every episode and the relationship between father and son. My husband is the same type of man...strong chin, blond hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Roger Bryant said:   August 19th, 2015
I was a rabid fan of the Rifleman and Chuck Connors. Born into a Democrat family I naturally considered myself a Democrat. That is until I saw Chuck Connors do a commercial about what it is to be a Republican. It really opened my eyes as he compared the different philosophy between a Democrat and a Republican. I became a Republican from that time on. although times are changing and I am gearing toward Independent. I would like to find out where I can get that commercial.

Jim Hughes said:   August 15th, 2015
After all these years I still watch the show. Everytime I watch I see something or someone new that I hadn't. To bad they don't make shows like this now. todays kids and parents could learn from it.

Cameron D. Dunn said:   August 1st, 2015
"The Rifleman"..... A program that was instrumental in the positive development of thousands, perhaps millions, of children. America, as a country, owes Lucas' and Marks' characters a great deal of gratitude for what they brought and continue to bring (re-runs) to living rooms throughout her land.

ed johnson said:   July 20th, 2015
I love the rifleman show I use to watch it as a young kid in the 60s.chuck Connors was the best.

Augustine Fawkes said:   July 6th, 2015
What a wonderful website! The time and labour of love it took to put this together is obvious! Thank you so much. I am a huge fan and appreciate it more than I can express. I never tire of watching Rifleman reruns and it's sad that they just don't make television shows like that anymore. To think that all these decades later, Chuck Conners is still so loved and still being a positive influence. One of my great regrets is that I was not among those lucky people that got to meet him. Thanks again for a wonderful website!

Diana Pierce said:   June 24th, 2015
This is a very nice tribute to Chuck Connors and his accomplishments. I got to meet his son, Jeff, back in 2012 at the Memphis Film Festival. He was so friendly and shared his memories with me of him being on the set of the Rifleman with his dad. He added his signature to an already autographed picture of him with his dad. What a treasure for me, Chuck and Jeff autographs on the same picture. I was so heart broken to hear about Jeff's sudden passing in February 2014. We lost another special person loved by many fans. 

jon brantmeyer said:   June 15th, 2015
knew he played pro baseball ball but never knew he was a pro basket baller as well. let alone one of the first.

Cris Rottmann said:   June 13th, 2015
I loved the Rifleman when I was a kid! Happy to find a channel in Canada that plays reruns of it. I also liked the show Branded. Chuck Conner was a good actor! May he RIP

Kim McMillion said:   May 15th, 2015
One of the most absolutely handsome lead actors in American history. He was a convincing actor with toughness and humor and depth. To this day, and especially these days, he is a role model to be emulated, especially in his role as Rifleman. I watch his re-runs again and again; they help me to remain centered. Best regards to his family and fans.

Ruby J Williams said:   April 30th, 2015
love the old westerns particularly the ones with/starring Chuck Connors. The Rifleman was/is one of the best stories on Television ..... makes Mr. Connors seem very much still Alive (I wish he was here) ...I believe he was a good man inside and out ....

mike walker said:   April 18th, 2015
This site answered my question, is Chuck right or left handed? On "The Rifleman", he shot left handed if he was aiming but shot right if he was rapid shooting from the hip. On one episode he had amnesia and wore a right handed gun belt without any difficulty. I also saw him on a movie where he wore a right handed gun as well. Thanks!

Charlynn said:   April 11th, 2015
I just saw him on boy with a Knife, its on youtube of anyone wants to see it

Elizabeth Jay said:   April 10th, 2015
My grandfather took me to see a Montreal Stars game when Chuck was playing for them. I knew who he was because I was a big baseball fan. It was a big thrill for me because I rarely saw my grandfather. He knew I liked Chuck so he took me to the game.

admiral1701jb said:   April 10th, 2015
DO U KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS??? Its Chuck's birthday! Happy Birthday to a handsome blue eyed angel man!

Carol King said:   April 10th, 2015
Chuck - Just a thought of sweet remembrance on your special day - your Birthday! We love you always and treasure our memories. You will forever remain in our hearts. Much love to you.

Clinton A. Smith said:   April 5th, 2015
I "grew up" with Chuck as the "Rifleman" and always appreciated the wholesome lives presented on the series. The values portrayed by Chuck and the rest of the cast were always well presented. I love that the shows are being aired for yet another generation to see what true values are. I shall be forever indebted to Chuck for the example he modeled as a loving father and reader of the Word. Thanks for this website that means so much to Chuck's many fans of today and tomorrow.

Dave B. said:   March 30th, 2015
Loved the show when I was little. But enjoy watching the wonderful bond that he and Johnny Crawford had on the show, now in the reruns. Chuck was great, loved him. Miss him greatly. Amazing man. Thank you.

Theodore Brass Jr. said:   March 18th, 2015
I just want to say to this day I have not seen a person who inspired me with the faith and dedication that Chuck Connors did. Each episode of the rifleman would always remind me of how great it was to have a father like that in my life and to this day I love my father as much as I did The Rifleman. 

Dot farmer said:   March 14th, 2015
I remember staying at his ranch in bear valley and what a wonderful time we had there, my girls loved running and playing with his shepherd. I still love the saddle that I have of his today. ( which is now around 40 plus years old). His is one man you just can not forget and still miss today

Carol Callahan said:   February 10th, 2015
Chuck Connors always struck me as a wonderful family man with a real love for people. His role as "The Rifleman" was one of those that embodied the spirit of love for family and children. I watch the show often and see him as a real role model with real values. I'm sure he was that way with his own children. I'm sorry I never got to meet him. Thank you for this website!

Kevin Crutchfield said:   February 7th, 2015
I enjoyed watching The Rifleman and still do on METV and I had no idea his real first name was the same as mine. He was a great actor and just reading about him tells me he was someone anyone could get to know and talk to. Thanks for all the information posted here on the website.

Barbara Cote said:   January 30th, 2015
I always loved the old shows and Rifleman was one of them. He will be really missed and loved by all fans including me. He was a great actor. R.I.P. Chuck Connors and your wife too. God bless you both! 

robert mofford said:   January 24th, 2015
I came across an episode of The Rifleman while channel surfing about a year ago, and became an instant fan. It's great that Chuck's memory is being kept alive with this site. I really enjoy it, and check it out almost daily. Thanks for a great website to a great actor, and great person

Chris meader said:   January 17th, 2015
I watch Rifleman every Saturday morning back in Racine Wi. What wonderful role models that Chuck Conners and Johnny Crawford portrayed. We need more family oriented shows with a positive message. Take Care. Chris Meader

Elisabeth Cotter said:   January 16th, 2015
Hi! I am Kevin (Chuck's) 1st cousin once removed - my mom was his cousin, hung with him in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn throughout their lives, and was his "mascot" at every Brooklyn Dodger game. They ADORED each other, and stayed in touch, even when he moved to California. Thank you so much for honoring him with this beautiful website -- he (and my mother!), are smiling down, enjoying it! Gratefully, "Lisa" Cotter (from McGrath/Lundrigan/Connor lineage)

Sandi Foster said:   January 14th, 2015
GREAT site. Just when I think I have seen EVERYTHING that Chuck was in there is more. Not a day goes by without a Rifleman fix. What an actor... And Mark? Well we used to fight when I was a kid over who was going to marry him. Now that I am old, I love Chuck!

Cathleen Coulter said:   January 12th, 2015
What a joy to find a web site dedicated to a man I watched as a child and teen. Going to my grand mother's house was always a treat because we would get to watch The Rifleman . I have enjoyed many performances by Mr. Connors and feel he would be honored and awed by the respect you have displayed here. Thank you.

Vicki Wessel said:   January 7th, 2015
Enjoyed The Rifleman when I was a young child, now I am enjoying them the show again as an adult. Lucas was a role model!! Every show had a good meaning to it a Lucas always explained to Mark. Thanks you Chuck for all the good memories!! You were a class act!!!

David Maye said:   January 5th, 2015
I grew up watching The Rifleman along with shows like Combat. Chuck Connors played for The Montreal Royals. I have lived in Montreal most of my life. Like Chuck I have Newfoundland Heritage. Lately I have been enjoying the runs of The Rifleman on AMC. Chuck was a great talent! 

Linda M Kellerman said:   January 3rd, 2015
As a long time admirer i am so truly happy to hear that Chuck was all that his TV Character implied; true, good caring and amazing. God bless each of his children and all of his family and beloved friends. I am so pleased that he had so many many friends in real life. I pray i see him one day in a better more perfect place. I pray he KNEW the Saviour. thank you for this wonderful website. thank you for sharing with those of us that love watching Rifleman.

Sally Workman said:   January 3rd, 2015
Grew up watching the Rifleman. Then Johnny Crawford was my interest in the 50's but always thought Chuck was a great role model and a manly man. Wish todays programs were family oriented and taught morals liker he old shows. Watching now. So glad for reruns!

Sharon Finley said:   January 3rd, 2015
We grew up with "The Rifleman", it was the best show out there, we still watch reruns, just love Chuck Connors, he will always be in our hearts, he sure left a great legacy. 

DONALD BRITTAIN said:   December 31st, 2014

Jacque Kutz said:   December 28th, 2014
I have had a crush on Mr. Connors since I was a teenager. There is still something about him after all these years, that makes me wish I had gotten to meet him, just once. I loved seeing the clips of the Steve Allen Show and Bob Hope, and the interviews. It was great to hear that voice and see that smile. Love this site, best I have seen. Keep up the good work.

Louise Barr said:   December 18th, 2014
Love the home movie footage you recently posted that was donated to this website. So neat to see Chuck making an appearance to his fans.

Mary Triplett said:   December 13th, 2014
I remember watching Mr. Connors in the Rifleman and Branded- since I was a little girl- and I'm 58 now. I still watch them and I'm happy to have been able to share them with my sons as they grew up. Thanks for the memories here and through the films.

Louise Barr said:   December 10th, 2014
I will say it again, this is a wonderful website and tribute to Chuck Connors. I watch TR everyday and never tired of it. I am 65 and watched as a child. Love all of his work through his career. Continue the good work on this site. Love the three pictures and the Merry Christmas greeting!

Donald Lee Wilkey said:   December 5th, 2014
Love and am learning to appreciate Chuck Connor's various works of art. God bless Chuck Connor's place in Paradise.

Carol King said:   December 4th, 2014
This has got to be the best web site ever honouring Mr. Connors and now with the added triple picture sequence stating Happy Holidays on the Home Page including lovely instrumental Christmas music is indeed a wonderful bonus! You have done a marvelous job and should be commended. Mr. Connors would have been so very proud! Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!..........................

Admiral1701JB said:   November 23rd, 2014
I love the extra videos u have added.. I know as time passes, your site will continue to secure the rights to more.. I visit this site often finding out more and more about a man I've always had a crush on. I was 3 years old when I fell in love with him. God Bless You during this holiday season... Addy

Jean Brown said:   November 22nd, 2014
This is a such a thorough site. thank you for a great job. I still watch the Rifleman on Saturdays and remember the simpler times of our life here in the US. Chuck Connors represented the good moral values of a by gone era. Thank you Chuck for all the good memories!

Tim Ryan said:   November 10th, 2014
Grew up watching the Rifleman and even today still enjoy watching all the re-runs on Saturday. Lucas McCain was every kids hero and we all wanted to be Mark. Anyway, thanks for the lessons that good always wins in the end and that you have to stand for your values. If there is one person I'd like to meet in heaven is Chuck Connors of course after I meet Ronald Reagan.

Carol King said:   November 10th, 2014
As I look upon your picture, wonderful memories I recall, of a face so full of sunshine with a million dollar smile for all................Much love to your family and God Bless! Rest In Peace..............

Louise Barr said:   November 10th, 2014
Remembering Chuck on this 22nd anniversary of his passing. He lives on by way of his wonderful work he left us. We love and miss you Chuck !!!!

jeannette said:   November 6th, 2014

Jill Swiech said:   October 29th, 2014
What a great actor. I also had a big crush on him in my young years. Sometimes i would pretended that one day he would come take me away with him. I still watch the repeats of the Rifleman and i find myself dreaming of him like I did before WOW what a man!!!!!! My GOD keep him close and his family always. RIP Chuck (Lucas) Conners

Barbara Flowers said:   October 6th, 2014
I look forward to Saturday mornings just to watch the Rifleman. Chuck was tall, good looking & the way he handled his rifle was amazing to watch. I forgot to say that the way he would tilt his hat back was so sexy. 

Renee Jensen said:   October 1st, 2014
I loved watching the Rifleman with my dad this was our farther daughter bonding time. Dad & I watched many westerns together. I feel so very lucky to have finally met Mr. James Drury as I know this would have pleased my dad. I still watch the westerns on tv when they show them.

thomas antunes said:   September 22nd, 2014
all l can say about mr connors is he is the best and always will be the only rifleman rip mr lucas mcCain we will all missed you tom....

Gary Emmitt said:   September 18th, 2014
I was born in 1961 and missed the Rifleman in it's original series run. At 53 I am watching it on AMC network, actually I record it and watch it Sunday mornings during my quite time . The chemistry between Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors), and Mark McCain (Johnny Crawford) is incredible. I have to say the best thing about the show are the teaching !moments between father and son. I personally believe that most of the TV from the sixties through the eighties was the best ever offered.

Heather Puckett-Wilson said:   September 15th, 2014
I remember watching 're-runs of The Rifleman as a little girl. Now, at 41, I am sharing those 're-runs with my children thanks to MEtv. Chuck Connors was a handsome man, and seemed very genuine. I have enjoyed the website. Great job sharing your father with the world. Best of luck to all the Connor' s!!!

Mike Charron said:   September 1st, 2014
Chuck was a great hero to me growing up! The best friend a kid had on TV Right up there with Superman!

Mike Holliday said:   August 30th, 2014
I was born in 1955 and I grew up watching the Rifleman. A great respectable man. Such an amazing career. Wonderful family man. Prayers and best wishes to his family. 

Mecshelle Kochinsky said:   August 27th, 2014
I grew up with Lucas McCain and now I watch him in my retired stuff on TV.

Tony S said:   August 24th, 2014
Lucas boy !!! I grew up with you, thanks for the good lessons you helped me and I'm sure many others become men..... Rest in Peace.

gaye ingram said:   August 23rd, 2014
War good morals the show taught. Thank you for sharing these memories.

Greg Pickle said:   July 26th, 2014
We watch the show every Saturday am from 5 am to 9 am on AMC. Love it.

Ron McCain said:   July 26th, 2014
I watched Mr. Conner as a kid and still today. I was an extra in Terror Squad. It was filmed in Kokomo, Indiana. I miss the man and may he Rest in Peace. A devoted fan.

Ron G Sarsten said:   July 24th, 2014
Love ya! Lucas boy!

Howard S. said:   July 23rd, 2014
Still refreshing to watch a old western with such values and character. He was always a cut above seems like its missing in today's world. Chuck we miss you, thanks so much for coming into our homes in the 60's. RIP.

Arlene Madden said:   July 20th, 2014
I really loved him, as a teenager had big crush on him, wouldn't miss an episode. He was a great actor. To this day I still watch the repeats of the Rifleman. One of the greats! RIP...Lucas!

Rita said:   July 18th, 2014
I have a long list of episodes that I enjoy every day. 

Fran Flynn said:   July 16th, 2014
To me, the greatest show ever on T.V. is, "The Rifleman." No other actor could have played, Lucas McCain. I have always been a huge fan of this show as well as a huge fan of, MR. Connors. I was so sad to hear about his passing. I visited Mr. Connors "STAR" on the Hollywood walk of fame, in 2010. I also visited his gravesite as well the next day. Thank you for the wonderful memories Mr. Connors. You are truly missed by all your fans, friends, and family.

Wayne Kelley, Sr said:   July 13th, 2014
I watch The Rifleman every day on local channel 35.2 in Richmond, VA. The channel is running the first episodes now. The Rifleman is as meaningful today as it was when it first aired. I love the show and the truths they tell.

Sarah K said:   July 8th, 2014
I love Chuck Connors! His character on "The Rifleman" is amazing. Lucas has such good morals. I love the relationship that Mark and his dad have. I love watching the show on MeTV. I could tell you pretty much any fact recorded about Kevin Joseph Aloysius "Chuck" Connors. I love old television shows. MeTV is awesome. Chuck Connors was amazing and I wish I could have met him myself. -Sarah K

Sterling Saint James said:   June 10th, 2014
Wonderful website.

John Kwolek said:   June 7th, 2014
I had the rare privilege of shaking Chuck Conner's hand on the set at UCLA back in 1963. I was and am still a fan. Best wishes and prayers to his family. JK

Bill Scheible said:   May 5th, 2014
I was born in 1956 and as most of us that grew up during that time, TV became very important to us. It was still very new and there were some shows that we always looked forwards to seeing. Shows like Bonanza, Gun Smoke, Disney were everyone's favorite. I looked forwards to other shows, especially "The rifleman" and later "Branded". Chuck Connors was one of my heroes and whenever possible, I still watch those same episodes that I have seen countless times over and over. He had a wonderful life and did things that most of us only dreamed of. Natural at sports and Hollywood star. I didn't know him personally, but I can tell from all the writings of him, he was a wonderful, caring person and enjoyed being a Father. RIP CC.

Dan Walden said:   May 4th, 2014
once I was on the back road going into Tehachapi and stuck in the mud on a rainy day. back then next to no one ever came by that road. after hours sitting there a one ton white truck passed me and then stopped and backed up. I started to get out and the man said " ya stupid kid get back in the car. he proceeded to chain my car and then he pulled me onto the road. I opened the door as he was getting his chain and before I could say thank you he said in a grumble " stupid kid " got into his truck and drove off..... that was chuck conners... A MANS MAN !!! thank you chuck

Jerry Hunter said:   April 25th, 2014
I've watched Chuck's "Rifleman" episodes dozens of times each, they never get old. I love this man's old school values.

Jack Logan said:   April 25th, 2014
This was a great actor...and I wish I could have known him. I watch all the episodes every night on me tv. even the ones I have seen over and over again...I will see ya later....JACK

Oliver Keeling said:   April 21st, 2014
I enjoyed watching The Rifleman as a kid. It now is shown on MeTV and I sometimes catch it. I like watching all the programs that were on in the 60's as they are better than the programs on now. Thank You Chuck and RIP. thx OK

Ned I Cobb said:   April 13th, 2014
In 1962 my wife and one year old son and my In-laws went to Trailer Estates in Bradenton, Fla. to see Chuck Connors. We were all impressed with Chuck and he spoke so highly of Johnny Crawford. Fast forward to now 2014, we love watching the Rifleman 6 days a week, if only we could tell him how much enjoyment he brings into our home. The best to all of you, his children you must all be so very proud.

Carol King said:   April 10th, 2014
Chuck - My deepest love and admiration to you on your special day from an extremely devoted fan. Love gets it all! Once again, I will wear a red rose today in your honor. God love ya!............Rest In Peace............

Gloria Miller Shea said:   April 8th, 2014
My family is from Brooklyn OLPH parish. We lived on 58th Street between 5th and 6th avenue. Our yard was right next to 57th street between 5th and 6th avenue. Growing up we were told the yard across from us was Chuck Connors. I still tell people that this day.

Tony Lux said:   March 30th, 2014
I love watching "The Rifleman" on METv and if I miss an episode then I get on and watch more of The Rifleman. I can watch it over and over again. I wish I could of met Chuck Connors, I'm sure it would of been a interesting conversation. I am sorry to hear of the passing of his son. RIP and prayers outbound to his family.

Ray Satterwhite said:   March 18th, 2014
I was a friend of Jeff Connors....I met him through Robert Lanthier the now President of Reel Cowboys. When I got the call from Robert telling me about Jeff ,it was a real shocker.... In 2007 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Rifleman at WSVS AM 800 in Crewe, Virginia. I advertise on that station. It was August 18th,2007....Steve Winn the main guy at the station told me that there had never been such a big crowd at the station before....Margie of was there and the Hall Of Fame gun slinger Frank Calabrese was there and we really had a great time....We went back to my house later in the day and had Rifleman Party with all of my friends....Jeff was very nice to everyone....We sat around and played music for a couple of hours and everyone had a great time....Jeff was very impressed with my son Bryan playing the guitar....In fact he was amazed....Jeff....May you rest in Peace....Rifleman Ray 

Billy Stewart said:   March 17th, 2014
Awesome Website ! I got to meet Chuck when he did a special appearance in Greenville, SC (WFBC TV) for the Greenville Shriners Hospital where I was a patient. I was about 6 years old and my family told me over the years that I asked Chuck so many questions on TV and I told him about the wheel falling off of my tricycle LOL. I even asked if he brought his rifle and how Mark was doing. I so enjoy the Rifleman show on Me TV. I regret I never tried to contact him when I got older. I barely remember how big he was and sitting on his knee on TV. So goes my 15 minutes of fame ! RIP Chuck and Jeff.

LOWELL DON HAYES JR. said:   February 26th, 2014
My brother David and I were personal friends of Jeff Connors for over 10 yrs. It was such a horrible shock to here of his passing. We had just spoken to him just a few weeks ago. We will always remember him because he called us his Paley's from Oklahoma. We pray for his 3 children Tommy, Cole, and Nickey and his entire family. Rest in Peace, JEFF, tell your dad and brother Kevin we said howdy. Don Hayes

louise barr said:   February 24th, 2014
so very sorry to read of the passing of Jeff - he really worked hard to keep his father's memory alive - Now he is reunited with his mother and father as well as his younger brother. Rest In Peace, Jeff

Barb Suhr said:   February 22nd, 2014
I was really sorry to read on this site the passing of Chuck Connor's son Jeff, the picture shown he sure does resemble his father, I'd like to extend my sympathy to his family...

Sandy Duffey said:   February 22nd, 2014
What a lovely tribute to an awesome person. Sorry to hear of his sons death and send our prayers to family at this time.

Kim Lorance said:   February 22nd, 2014






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