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Joanne Bollen said:   February 15th, 2014
Love Mr. Conners - watch The Rifleman every evening. Wish I could thank him in person for the great memories of that show. But I have a feeling he is in heaven and knows how much we all love him and miss him. A very special man.

Harold L Hartford said:   February 9th, 2014
Enjoyed reading through this site of Mr. Connors, life story. YES, I was a FAN. Talking with some friends I was remembering a film he did called "Good Morning MISS Dove" which can be viewed on YouTube. During many of his action parts, he always fit the parts well, which shows is acting ability. I enjoyed the look back and the many wonder memories on the trails. A true America legion. RIP Mr. Connors. 

shannon neumann said:
   February 2nd, 2014
I just recently discovered The Rifleman on MeTV channel 12 in Washington state. I have to tell you I think it's the best Western family show I have ever seen.. I am an avid fan of Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. I Man Behind the Rifle is an outstanding book. Is there an autobiography out on Johnny's years as Mark McCain. I am now on to Branded. Rest in Peace Chuck for you are sorely missed. Thank you Shannon Neumann

Bob said:   February 1st, 2014
In the 1950's we had a small Philco black and white tv and as a small kid who always wore his cowboy hat, two side arm cap white handle pistols and cowboy boots, I never missed an episode of the Rifleman. as I got a little older 10-12 years old, I saved enough money to buy me a replica bb gun rifle like the rifleman. not sure what brand it was, but it was supposed to be a copy like the Riflemans..WInchester I think. I used to twirl it like the rifleman and pretend I was shooting bad guys, I still like to watch the old rifleman reruns on my big led tv.. My grandkids just laugh and say "Grandpa is watching the Rifleman again guys.." they don't know what they are missing with their Ipods and Iphones and whatever.

Lori and RJ Wright said:   January 14th, 2014
My son RJ was tasked with producing a speech about someone famous for his Language Arts class. Last year, he did a paper on Old Yeller and I didn't realize Mr. Conners was in it until I saw the movie again after many years. I told my son about my father playing baseball with Chuck Conners in the Pacific Coast League with the Los Angeles Angels in 1952, so for my autistic son, this gave him a family connection. Today, he chose Chuck again as his speech on a famous person. My son loves the old shows and I think is an old soul at heart at only 14 and this site gives so much information on his career and personal life. What an exceptional person he was!

Rizq Beckett said:   January 1st, 2014
Just wanted to say how much my two brothers and I enjoyed The Rifleman as kids growing up in Boston. Now as a grown, old man, I can appreciate many of the episodes storylines. Because as a kid we just loved the gunplay!

Eugene Charles said:   December 25th, 2013
i love the rifleman and the two main actors chuck and johnny wish i could have met them in person that would have been so awesome thanks

louise barr said:   December 15th, 2013

Ellen kutcher said:   December 14th, 2013
We watch the rifleman here in boston on MeTv two episodes every night! My sister Jane and I watched the show as kids of course but now LUV it even more as adults! This Christmas we have dedicated to Chuck Connors as the Rifleman! We are putting up pictures of Chuck, wearing western wear, having food mentioned on the show as our Xmas dinner! Praise be to The Rifleman!!

Tony Castro said:   December 14th, 2013
This has to the best ever website I've ever seen, giving tribute to an actor. I grew up watching the Rifleman.

Mike Hicks said:   December 7th, 2013
AMC, Thank You for running The Rifleman, one of the best show while I was growing up my brother and I both had a Rifleman Rifle cap gun .

Mike Butler said:   December 3rd, 2013
As a kid I watched "The Rifleman" every chance I got (when I wasn't out playing the rifleman myself). I have always been a cowboy at heart so I was blessed when they started running the old westerns on television again. Since most of these westerns are 50 years old or so I can no longer remember the plots so it is like watching them for the first time! All I can say is that America seemed more solid back then and the television shows we watched had honesty and integrity as the overall theme. Many of the actors are now gone but not forgotten and I am glad I got to enjoy Chuck Connors as a kid and now once again as an adult. I wish they would make a HD version of the old westerns and colorize them. How awesome would that be??? Thanks for providing this website for all western aficionados.

stephen perkins said:   December 2nd, 2013
Chuck Connors was a great American! one of my all time favorites!

Kathleen Cherry said:   December 2nd, 2013
Grew up loving "The Rifleman". Still watching re-runs every chance I get. Loved his humorous side too. He was a great actor and man!

Donald E said:   December 1st, 2013
I'm 58 years old and still watch the Rifleman reruns every Saturday and I guess I always will.

Terrie Kenoyer said:   December 1st, 2013
While I was growing up Lucas McCain was my hero. To this day I still watch the reruns of The Rifleman. Thank you Chuck Connors for the memories of an era gone by.

Carol King said:   November 10th, 2013
For Chuck: Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday, but there is an ache within my heart that will never go away! Life is not measured by counting the years, but by making the years count, and that is exactly what you did!! You were the most amazing man, the very best, and you still are the very best! Forever in my heart............Rest In Peace............

Marilyn Dickie said:   November 8th, 2013
There's times where I wish I could just crawl into my tv screen & join them! I remember when Chuck Connors passed away...I cried my eyes out then, and every Saturday morning, I'm stil crying! x 

Barb Suhr said:   November 4th, 2013
Thank you for this wonderful site on Chuck, it has everything...I watched The Rifleman with my dad all the time when I was a child, now my grandson watches it with me and he was totally thrilled to be able to meet Johnny this summer, it is a shame Chuck is gone, he really was an exceptional person...

Mary Randall said:   October 26th, 2013
I grew up watching the show it was very good show. They do not make shows like that any more. I am looking at the show now. The show will never be forgotten.

Barbara Tate said:   October 25th, 2013
I grew up watching the show and still watch it now me and my husband watch it together

Tom Bolduc said:   October 24th, 2013
Chuck & Mark are a very big part of my life I watch it as often as I can I grew up watching it with my farther & brothers it was always a very honest show it allways showed that love will last and conquer all thank you for what you have given us

Marilyn Dickie said:   October 21st, 2013
I always make it a point to (religiously) watch The Rifleman! M. Kokesh encapsulates my feelings about the show and its two main stars. Now if AMC can get their "FearFest" off, I'll be able to enjoy The Rifleman again, and again, and again! 

ROXANNE KOESTER said:   October 15th, 2013
I LOVED EVY DAY WITH CHUCK & JOHNNY , I enjoy it as if if was the first time I've seen it. I never get tired of such a fun and beautiful show. Mark was hot back then, but as I became older Lucas was the hot one A show that created so many memories for me, I will always remember "The Rifleman".

Marna Ehrech said:   October 12th, 2013
It is so nice reading this site. I could tell from watching the Rifleman as a kid, that this was a good man. Everything said here by those who knew him, confirms that. So wish I could have met him. Thanks so much for creating this page!

Benno Kiesel said:   September 30th, 2013
Watched The Rifleman when I was a kid in the 60's. And I still do! :-)

Penny said:   September 28th, 2013
I loved the Rifleman growing up, and I watch it now on METV and enjoy it daily. What great principles were taught by a cast of the finest actors. I loved Chuck Connors and was secretly in love with Johnny Crawford.

Colleen Connors said:   September 18th, 2013
It's nice to read all the comments, and how much everyone enjoyed The Rifleman series. I also enjoyed it growing up. To you Kevin, I love you and miss you. RIP. 

Dave said:   September 14th, 2013
Always enjoyed his shows, both The rifleman, and Branded. He visited our classroom in elementary school in the late '50s in Pittsburgh. He was a great guy.

Dorothy leurquin said:   August 23rd, 2013
I watch the Rifleman every day and love each and every episode. Chuck your the best and the legacy you left for your family has to be the best someone can give. May you R.I.P. and always be Blessed. Love you always and forever, you were so awesome and your smile was the best.

Donna LaRue said:   August 21st, 2013
I grew up in California during the late 50s to mid-60s and we watched every Rifleman and Branded episode~ My Dad won second place in a Chuck Conners look-a-like contest back then.

James Mims said:   August 20th, 2013
I enjoyed this site and all the info about "Chuck" I grew up watching the Rifleman with my father. My dad would always explain the meaning of the episodes to me and how they could be used in every day life. Chuck was one of my heroes as well as my Dad. Thanks for the memories - all good ones.

Karen Morris said:   July 28th, 2013
I love Chuck in The Rifleman. I wasn't around yet when the show originally aired, so thank God someone at MeTV saw fit to keep the show alive so I could discover it. I watch every chance I get; I wish American TV hadn't strayed so far from shows like this. Thank you for this site and for offering a small glimpse into the person Mr. Connors was. Rest in Peace Chuck, I think you "raised the boy right."

Mark Brown said:   July 20th, 2013
Pa had a hand in a bunch of us boys. Couldn't figure out why I always got into trouble for back handing someone for being dishonest. It was real to me LOL. Still and always a hero figure for me. Makes me want to start a boys club in my small town. There's a young Chuck Connors waiting to play some ball I'm sure. :) 

C. Langdon said:   July 20th, 2013
My father was a HUGE Chuck Connors fan. Unfortunately, I never watched the show with him, but did discover it after my Dad passed. Love watching it now, and watch it with my children every Saturday. From all I've read, Chuck was a great man. That's an accomplishment for anyone, let alone someone famous. RIP Chuck and thank you for the good lessons and wonderful shows you left as a legacy for your fans.

Susie Arviso said:   June 26th, 2013
I was a child when my dad introduced me to Rifleman on television. I loved it then and I love watching the reruns on Saturdays. I'm the same age as Chuck's late youngest son. In all my reading up on him, I haven't read anything negative about him. Now that's an accomplishment for and actor and famous person.

Glendon Stanley said:   June 15th, 2013
Wish someone could get the rights to show Chuck Connors shows like Branded, Cowboy in Africa, does anyone know why they can`t show the Rifleman on Saturday mornings.

M. Kokesh said:   June 13th, 2013
The Rifleman was the best western and I grew up watching that show. It was the most down to earth show, represented the best of human nature and taught valuable lessons about "family" and responsibility. I would give anything to have another show like that which projected values, decency, hard work and pride. Father and son were always portrayed as genuine and loving and family, in the true sense of the word. Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford were wonderful actors. Wish I could have met them. Chuck Connors carried such presence with his tall stature, good looks and square jaw. I watch the re-runs faithfully still today. 

Donna said:   May 23rd, 2013
I remember watching "The Rifleman" when I was six years old. I enjoyed watching so much and always wanted to ride a horse like Mark who was about 12. I purchased the complete 168 episodes and watch it all the time now. I also get some riding tips as I watch now from a learning point of view. Every time I see an episode, I enjoy it as if if was the first time I've seen it. I never get tired of such a fun and beautiful show. Mark was hot back then, but as I became older Lucas was the hot one A show that created so many memories for me, I will always remember "The Rifleman".

Carla Everman said:   May 18th, 2013
Still watching the rifleman.

Pamela Anderson said:   May 11th, 2013
I look forward to every Saturday morning, I watch the rifleman back to back shows. Starting at 6:00 am to 10:00am. Good looking man Chuck and loved his heart.

Polly Tillman said:   April 23rd, 2013

Dave Constance said:   April 19th, 2013
I met Chuck when I worked in his McCain cabin in Bear Valley Estates. He always was positive, good humored, and would lift a few beams in place to feel he had a hand in the building. I stayed on as a repairman from time to time on his estate, and he was a really class act. I stood 6'5" and 288 from weight lifting, and he asked me to show my upper body size. He was astounded to see a few surgeries from wounds from Viet Nam, and said he was honored to have me work for him. I have several pics of the two of us having lunch, and always told him how the neighborhood kids gathered at my home to watch The Rifleman. He was a great role model. Happy Birthday, Mr. Connors

Carol King said:   April 10th, 2013

Chuck - Forever missed, always remembered, deeply loved with total respect and admiration, you will always remain in the deepest part of my heart! Today is your Birthday. Wishing you were still with us to celebrate your special day! I will wear a red rose today in honor of you. God love ya!

L.Barr said:   April 10th, 2013
Again, happy birthday to a fine actor and person!

L Barr said:   April 10th, 2013
Happy birthday to our Chuck Connors today. We will always love and treasure his life and work. Will visit him today and every day by watching "the rifleman" and any other work of his I find. We miss you Chuck!

Juan & Barbara Cortez said:   March 31st, 2013
We watched the Rifleman when we were little and now that we're old we still watch Rifleman every chance we get. We set our day by the Rifleman's TV times that it will be on. We watch it on MeTV. We liked Chuck Connors in the Rifleman, also in the movies we seen him in, The Big Country was a great movie for him, but it made me mad the he was the bad guy. He sure did that part right, I hated him, But I had to tell myself its' just a movie, and Mr. Connors isn't like that at all. Thank you for having this site to read about Mr. Connors, and was a great person.

Heidi Haefs said:   March 30th, 2013
Thank you Chuck Connors aka Lucas McCain for the Rifleman episodes I watch them on tv and then i go on internet on you tube and watch more of them you and Johnny Crawford were great together. Your Fan Heidi Haefs

Rick Aning said:   March 28th, 2013
I discovered The Rifleman in the Summer of 2012 while going through the listing on MeTV. I was immediately hooked. I now watch each episode as if it was the 1st time seeing it. I also get up early to watch the 3-4 hour marathon on A&E on Saturdays. GREAT show...I just wish I was able to meet Chuck Connors.

L. Barr said:   March 25th, 2013

What a fine man an actor. Watch the rifleman everyday. Loved the show as a child. Which I could have met him

Lou Mallory said:   March 20th, 2013
Chuck Connors was amazing, very creative, and inspiring. He just astounds me at how tall he is. It would be nice to see his baseball cards, or something like that.

Millie Scott said:   March 17th, 2013
Chuck Connors was really amazing!!! I absolutely adore all he has done for our country and television. Westerns will never be the same without this angel.

Marc Bernier said:   March 9th, 2013
I grew up watching Chuck as "The Rifleman." It was a great thrill to interview him for my radio show in 1981 and Chuck even sent a thank you to me with a touching message. He was an amazing talent and class act. Chuck is so missed by all of us today for his great generosity and kindness. 

Judith lecuyer said:   March 9th, 2013
Please don't ever take our western shows away. It is an important part of our history that Chuck Connors so beautifully portrayed. He is an icon that will always be remembered. I watch 'The Rifleman" every day that it is aired. It is a complete privilege. One knows that the west was in his blood...he even lived it in real life. May God Bless Chuck Connors.

Lisa g said:   March 6th, 2013
Love this site, still clicking around. I have to thank my Daddie for raising me on TV Westerns, if not for him, I would not know Chuck Conners aka Lucas McCain. I am watching this show Monday-Friday on MeTv now. I love Mr. Conners and I love The Rifleman, and when I was a little girl, I was so sweet on Mark. Johnny Crawford looks great. Thank you for the memories. Lisag

Cristina Stirbis said:   March 5th, 2013
Thank you to MeTV for bringing this wonderful show back on. I loved this show when I was a young girl & now as a Grandma I still love watching. There isn't another sitcom that compares in quality. Thank you for this wonderful site to see the archives of a time past but never never forgotten.

Masaru Abe said:   March 4th, 2013
Even in the rural area in Japan we could watch the Rifleman. I had enjoyed it every week! Also I found the Japanese famous baseball player Sadaharu Oh of Tokyo Giants in this site by which we can recognize Chuck's international relationship.

FRANCIS B. SHANNON said:   February 25th, 2013
Most stories seem to end with a "lessons learned" kind of wisdom. Too bad present day media has lost that touch. There's a small town off I-10 near the AZ border~~"Road Forks" I think. When I drove an 18-wheeler, I'd stop to eat &/or overnight at the truck stop. There's a ghost town just west on the north side of the interstate. Was that "North Fork"? 

Carol said:   February 23rd, 2013
When I was a child, the Rifleman was a great source of comfort to childhood was not always the happiest and I would often wish that Chuck Connors was my own dad...I was so envious of Johnny Crawford, I still watch the Rifleman and can pretend for a while that I am watching "my dad"...thanks for being a role model when I needed it most

Lettie self mullen said:   February 19th, 2013
hi thanks for having a great site. i watched the rifleman as a kid. i was born in 1960 about when it was made. i think down through the years i fell in love with chuck. lol couldn't help myself, those eyes melted my heart and he was sooo tall and handsome. i was so sorry to hear that he passed away. he will never be forgotten, he was a great actor. i would have loved to have gotten an autographed picture of him. after all my crush still continues. lol

Tom O said:   February 16th, 2013
I was very young when The rifleman aired, all I remember is the beginning and music. But now that its on reruns, I love it and try to remember from long ago. I guess its nice to know that he was originally from a place where I was from. The more I learn about him, the more impressed I am. Thank God that casting director spotted him that day playing baseball.

Roger Strout said:   February 6th, 2013
I loved the Rifleman when I was young, and I still enjoy watching now that I am old.

Joyce McIntyre said:   January 26th, 2013
I have watched the Rifleman when I was a kid and watching it now on METV and TV Land brings back a lot of good feeling.

Regina Johnson said:   January 19th, 2013
I am looking at The Rifleman right now, I never missed this show back in the day, and I still like it. Thank you!

Tanya said:   January 17th, 2013
I love him too, I added it all up and Chuck Connors was in his forties when I was born. I feel like I missed out on something because I didn't get to meet such a gifted man. I too dream of meeting a man that could compare to the one I have gotten to know here. I ran into The Rifleman a month or so ago and now I am an addict. Chuck Connors was so handsome, talented, and intelligent. I respect the fact he kept his private life private but I can't help but want to know more about him. Thanks for this site!

admiral said:   January 12th, 2013

Scarlett Faith Gillispie said:   January 1st, 2013
I love the site! I can never get enough. Thank you so much and love to Chuck Connors' family. Happy New Year to them and you!

Barb Roberts said:   December 29th, 2012
HI there, Chuck was married to my mom's cousin, Betty. I remember meeting him in Winnipeg when I was just young. I will never forget me and my brother sitting on his knee! Thanks for this great website! Barb 

james varone said:   December 29th, 2012
What a wonderful web site for Chuck Connors fans. So many pictures of Mr. Connors and other actors he worked along side of. This is a great tribute to the man and actor Chuck Connors, "The Rifleman". And I cannot ever forget his supporting cast of Mark, Micah and Millie. I still watch The Rifleman on MeTv in Rhode Island on Verizon Fios cable. Thank you for honoring Chuck Connors with this web site.

Ricky Lovett said:   December 28th, 2012
My favorite all time show was the Rifleman!! I've been rewatching all the old shows on Hulu. Great web page; thanks for all the good memories.

Delbert said:   December 26th, 2012
Chuck you were the best.

Ann Arnold said:   December 15th, 2012
You did a wonderful job creating this site. Thank you for sharing.

Alyce said:   December 5th, 2012
This is a wonderful website packed with great information about Chuck Connors. The Rifleman is one of my favorite westerns, I watch it everyday. Thank you for this great site.

I R said:   November 12th, 2012
A am a big fan of The Rifleman. What impressed me most of your pictures and information was the fact that Chuck Connors as well as Johnny Crawford have always been down to earth human beings. People who understood people.... We need it so much these days... Thank you for sharing...

Linda Marie Connors said:   November 12th, 2012
Thank you for all the information and wonderful pictures of Chuck Connors. I love the site. I am a Connors from Newfoundland with family roots intertwined with his. Keep up the good work it is certainly enjoyed. 

Carol King said:   November 10th, 2012
Chuck - warm, special thoughts are with you especially on this day and always. You will live in my heart forever! Thank you for giving us many wonderful years of glorious entertainment so many of us loved. YOUR ACTING WAS SUPERB! There will never ever be another you! You were just so beautiful both inside and out. Wish you were still with us. Rest in peace and God love ya! Also, a special thank you to son Jeff for adding such an incredibly beautiful picture of your Mother to this site. You are "special" too Jeff!

andrea montooth said:   November 9th, 2012
I watched The Rifleman as a child and loved it then. I found the show again as an adult and fell in love again with Chuck Conners. I had the pleasure of getting to meet Jeff Conners at the Memphis film festival last summer. Jeff was a delight and he reminded me so much of his father.

Lisa said:   October 20th, 2012
I watched the Rifleman in the mid 60's and have rediscovered him on Cable. I won't go anywhere until I see his double episodes. I have his movie Geronimo. The Rifleman has excellent writing and as a hobby writer, I often look to Chuck's series to learn how to write better. I just got a Winchester toy because of the Rifleman. Seeing everything on this site, it's like I actually met him. His baseball career is of special interest as my father was in baseball as a pitcher for Boston and he wasn't a bad batter either. I raise my toy Winchester in salute to you, Mr. Connors. I loved your acting, here I've seen the real you and what a pleasure you are. So open and friendly. I wish I could've met you. In film you live forever, "Lucas boy".

B. Jean said:   October 20th, 2012
Love the Rifleman! Watched it as a kid and like it even more now that I'm older. Chuck and Johnny were great together.

Messianic Rabbi Tom Barnes said:   October 9th, 2012
even Messianic Rabbis love the Rifleman, I may believe in Yeshua/Jesus as the Messiah, but chuck as also got me through some rough moments in life buy watching his shows. I even made me up a Rifle like his and what fun it is to shot it. I have all the Rifleman & Branded shows, can't wait to get many more movies & shows. Tom & Diane Barnes along with my 2 brothers

Dr. Dale R. Todd said:   September 26th, 2012
Chuck Connors was my favorite actor. I still watch the reruns at my age now of 57. Miss you Chuck Connors.

brenda haskett said:   September 20th, 2012
Wonderful actor and man...I was in love with Lucas as a kid....wanted to marry him when I grew up. As an adult, I also admire the man he really was. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. 

Diann Moore Bryant said:   September 15th, 2012
My mom got my sister and I horses so we could live her childhood for her, but it ended up we loved riding those horses even more than she thought we would. We rented about 2 acres from the Power & Light Company for about $2 a year! We eventually rode in "playdays" and some rodeos. I had the biggest crush on Mark and had his picture on my wall in my room. I now watch the re-runs on ME TV. If they make a new movie from "The Rifleman", they better do it justice!!! I don't see how it can ever be the same! Nothing was better than "The Rifleman". In my book it is #1!!! 

Thomas Howard said:   September 12th, 2012
I attended the same grammar school as Chuck did, OLPH, in the early 60's. One day I arrived for school and there was the "Rifleman" in MY schoolyard !!! I thought it was the coolest thing ever :) I grew up hearing many Chuck Connors stories from my Aunts and Uncles who knew him well. And NEVER a bad word was said.

Diane said:   September 6th, 2012
I went to see Gerald Ford who was running for President. He came through on the train. As he was talking, Chuck Conners came out, and everyone started going to him, lol. He had to run back on the train so Mr. Ford could finish his speech. Peter Graves was also on that train and Hugh O'Brian.

Dennis Keene said:   September 3rd, 2012
I wrote a message to the "Merlin" web site here and will write on here also. My wife and I were the lucky guests of the current owner of Chuck's Bear Valley home. Pam and Ken graciously opened their doors to us and gave us a complete tour of the home. While there I could feel Chuck's presence! The new owners have made some changes to the home, including four carpenters on site for eleven months to complete the project! The home is now much nicer and more modern as far as home decorating goes. What a treat to have been allowed to tour the location. On the way out driving down the long driveway, I saw the telephone pole fencing Chuck had installed him self just prior to his death. Wow! That was a lot of work! Too bad he did not have another twenty acres to go. We might still have him here with us!

Gina said:   August 25th, 2012
i luv watchin THE RIFLEMAN ! chuck and johnny are awesome as dad an son ... i watch the show 2 episodes at 6pm an 630pm an am lost when there over ! what a great show I'm happy 2 have the great privilege to watch THE RIFLEMAN !!! they couldn't have picked a better team than MARK and CHUCK 2 do this show !! i wish they could make a return of THE RIFLEMAN w/ CHUCK and JOHNNY that would be a dream come true !!! whadda ya say ...can it be done ???

Chaz said:   August 24th, 2012
Just found this site and love it. Thank you for all the pictures and info on such wonderful people and show. I watched The Rifleman as a kid but watching it now as an adult I am getting so much more out of it. 4 of my favorite episodes are the ones co-written by Chuck Connors. For someone so in tune with a woman's thoughts and feelings I find it curious that he was married and divorced 3 times and then called it quits on marriage. I love watching his face, and Johnny Crawford's too.; so much emotion conveyed by a look. I wish they would release all 168 episodes. My TV channel that airs The Rifleman is reliant on the weather and signal strength. I watch some online but there are only 50 or so available and I think I've seen everyone of those but I never tire of them. Keep up the good work! It is a wonderful tribute to a great show and all of the people connected to it. They don't make them like that anymore.

j.d. bacon-jones said:   August 24th, 2012
rifleman was my first crushy. tall, strong, shooting mean ppl, and quoting the bible, with those pretty blue eyes... older shows taught morals. . heard they might make a remake of the rifleman in movie form. I'm not sure if anyone could take the places of chuck, Johnny Crawford, Paul fix............ metv or my tv shows rifleman series along with the branded series from what i heard. athena channel does also. maybe east coast will wake up and add those channels into my programming. LONG LIVE RIFLEMAN...

Gary DaLie said:   August 22nd, 2012
I used to watch the Rifleman when I got home from school everyday back in the 70's and I always enjoyed it but it wasn't one of my favorite shows. Funny thing about 2 months ago on a Saturday morning I woke up and AMC was showing 5 or 6 episodes and I watched them and I thought it was ok. Next weekend the same. I got up watched some episodes enjoying more this time. I then found myself mid-week thinking about the Rifleman coming up this weekend and I couldn't wait to see it. Now that I'm older I can appreciate the show so much more. Johnny Crawford is such a great young actor. I mean he's good! I've always appreciated Mr. Connors work and now more than ever. The Rifleman is one of my favorite shows and since Its been so long, all the episodes are new to me. It's fantastic! Way to go Chuck!

Don Oliphant said:   August 18th, 2012
I was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (1948) in a small community. When the Rifleman appeared on television it became an instant favorite in our family. Today at age 63 I still watch all the Rifleman episodes when they appear on T.V. hanks to Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford for presenting such a 'wholesome' series.

Carol King said:   August 17th, 2012
To me, Chuck Connors was the best human being who ever lived. He was extremely intelligent, articulate, compassionate, kind, very handsome and sexy. He deserved every accolade received plus many more. "The Rifleman" is still the best show on T.V. along with " Branded". Chuck, you left us way too soon! God love ya!

Lorry Viar said:   August 11th, 2012
Chuck Connors was perhaps the sexiest man on television. Of course, I had to grow up to realize it!

Barbara Brown said:   July 24th, 2012
I love watching reruns of The Rifleman every evening. Just like Little House on the Prairie, there was always a moral to each episode. I love watching even though I've seen it before.

Patrick Norris said:   July 20th, 2012
Just finished watching an episode of " The Yellow Rose" With Sam Elliott, David Soul and the great Chuck Connors as the bad guy "Hollister" he plays this character great. Pity they didn't make more of this series. Chuck at his best.

Debbie said:   July 20th, 2012
I really love watching reruns of The Rifleman and Branded. I thought Chuck was a great actor

Michael Hutchinson said:   July 20th, 2012
I loved MR Connors In the Rifleman and Branded as a kid growing up i loved the beginning of Branded. I felt sorry for him made me want to cry for him

Howie said:   July 16th, 2012
I watched The Rifleman every week when I was a boy along with Cheyenne, and every other western that I could get from our 2 over air channels. I always felt that there was so much depth to the show and especially the characters. All fine actors, very believable and sincere. I totally enjoyed my first visit to your site and will return many more times. Thank you!!! 

Joseph Graves said:   July 12th, 2012
Loved this site. I've always loved all of Chuck Conners shows. I learned so much about his life. It just enhances everything about the man and his life. What a legacy.

Joe Footdale said:   July 11th, 2012
Growing up in the '60's, I couldn't wait each week for the Rifleman to come on. Now I have every episode on DVD. Mr. Connors was a great man both on and off the screen. The show taught such valuable lessons about values and doing the right thing. It has never been matched, and I doubt it ever will. Thank you for this great site, a tribute to a great human being.

Terry ATVES said:   July 9th, 2012
I enjoy watching the Rifleman now even more than I did as a kid. Must have something to do with being a parent and enjoying watching another father being a father.

Norma said:  July 7th, 2012 

Still watch The Rifleman two episodes every week day and four episodes on Saturday morning. There will never be another Lucas McCain.

Mary said:   July 5th, 2012
Now just a show, but it is the love between a father and a son. The father raising a son on his own that is rare back then. The time father took to talk with his son about morals and values. The respect Lucas and his son had for each others. I still watch The Rifleman. Long live the series, so I can continue to watch it.

The Deschenes Family said:   June 25th, 2012
There's so much quality in each show that it puts to shame the foolishness on tv today (and I'm including the news (sic) shows as well. Every dad should be watching and learning from Chuck and the relationship between Lucas and Mark. The writing and directing: Sam Peckinpah! Arthur Hiller! Are you kidding me? And how can Paul Fix not strike one single false note as Micah? I get the impression that each supporting player was a real professional and not a tiresome buffoon as we see today on tv. As you can see, we are BIG Fans of this show. Regards and Thanks!

Don and Mary Jane said:   June 20th, 2012
We love watching The Rifleman over and over. The more they show it, the more we will watch. LOVE IT!

Linda Savell said:   May 29th, 2012
I watched Chuck Connors in the Rifleman as a young child and I'm still watching him on TV as the Rifleman at 61 years old. I guess that shows how well loved Chuck Connors is. He was an amazing man & I appreciate your website for honoring him.

Joanne said:   May 26th, 2012
I am the same age as Johnny Crawford and have recently been reunited with "The Rifleman". What a great show it was and is. Found this website fascinating. Especially delighted to note that he met his first wife and mother of his sons in Canada. Noted that she and his oldest boy were Canadian citizens. Excellent and informative website. Thanks for your efforts.

Eva Teseo said:   May 15th, 2012
I saw the rifleman for the first time as a teenager and fell in love with both Chuck and Johnny. I still watch the reruns now at 60 years old. What a wonderful pair!

Kyle said:   May 13th, 2012
I watched this as a kid and now my kids do as well. I only WISH producers could come up with shows like this today. The Rifleman was and STILL IS one my favorite shows. Thanks for reruns. 

Ewen Burt said:   May 12th, 2012
Hey, what can I say ,Chuck is from my home town of Newfoundland, not far from where I live today!! What a great actor & gentleman! !Matter of fact, just watch the "Rifleman", also enjoyed "Branded". I'm a western fan anyway,& Chuck was one of my favorite actors!!!! As us Newfis say, "Good job, buddy"!!!!!!!!

Susan said:   May 10th, 2012
I loved the Rifleman show. I enjoy watching it in reruns even now. My husband did not get to see it down in Virginia because it was an ABC show and they could only get two channels, NBC and CBS. Connors was a wonderful actor--always enjoyable.

sandi said:   May 8th, 2012
He was the best !!!!!!!!

Yvonne Young said:   May 6th, 2012
My favorite cowboy of all time. Handsome, tall, articulate, kind. As a young girl I often fantasized about this gorgeous man. Still watch The Rifleman every weekend and hope to see Branded on also. My little boy who now is 43 would watch this show with me and couldn't say Lucas McCain but called him Lucas McCain. RIP you wonderful man. 

DomS said:   May 5th, 2012
I'm 60 years old. Of course I watched The Rifleman when it first aired like every other red blooded American boy. Just recently discovered it on AMC. Guess what? It's still my favorite show on television. Some things do never change. Absolutely LOVE IT !!!

carolgardner said:   May 2nd, 2012
i have watched Chuck Connors all my life. He was excellent in everything he did. He was a good actor. Very handsome. I miss you Chuck.

Ruth said:   April 25th, 2012 
I just love the rifleman. Chuck you left us way too soon i still watch it today.

Ron Marzlock said:   April 10th, 2012
The Chuck Connors site is over the top. The details are meticulous. A shrine that thousands will visit every month. It is so well done. The family must be honored by the great work you have done. I was a big fan. I had the rifle and all the comic books. Loved the show and tuned every week. Show had great guest stars and was unique that Lucas was a single parent. It left a mark on me. The acting was top notch. A lot of my friends were into the show too.

Mary Lou said:   April 6th, 2012

I have watched the Rifleman since the early sixties when I was 8 years old and now at 57. The series is timeless for what it represents (morals that I learned by watching)good values and a sense of family that today we could use more of! Long live the Rifleman!

Alfred Petrarca said:   April 1st, 2012

I will watch the Rifleman all the time and the love and morality expressed on that show is wonderful. Thank you for this site. Chuck Connors was a great man. I enjoy his acting to this day.

Bettina said:   March 29th, 2012
I have a story about Chuck that has always been with me, even today I was reminded by it and did this search on him to see what information there is about him. I was a student at Cal State Northridge the 80's and in 1984 my car broke down and it had to be towed to the dealership. I was not in a great mood being on a students budget. Well, this car pulls out and a big tall guy with a big bright smile came out. He saw me and he came over to me, gave me a big hug and said, 'love gets it all' and gave me a pen that I kept for a very long time. I wish I still had it. You know, that one at has carried me through a lot of sad times! "Love gets it all" - I bet that where he is right now, in the middle of such love that one cannot even imagine how amazing it is. Thank you, Chuck for being True!

L. Richdale said:   March 20th, 2012
We Love you and we Miss you "Tall Man"! May God grant you HIS PEACE! "The Rifleman" is a Fantastic show. Well written; well acted and such wonderful messages about life. Many Thanks to all who were involved in this show.

Alice Todd said:   March 12th, 2012
I love, love The Rifleman. I watch it every time I see its on. This show is truly one of the best about a man and his son. I love how they keep what the good book says about God in everything in their everyday lives on the ranch. That's the way it should be. Bless you all, and R.I.P. Chuck Conner.

Joe Correnti said:   March 4th, 2012
The best TV dad ever. Love you Chuck

Chris Valvis said:   February 29th, 2012
Chuck's acting was superb ! Wish I could find the Rifleman in a quality box set for sale.

Karol said:   February 28th, 2012
Great site ! Chuck Connors is the greatest in the Werewolf-series. I watched this as a kid 20 years ago and I was totally scared. Chuck is the best movie-werewolf. I salute and give tribute to him. Greetings from Germany.

Linda Savell said:   February 24th, 2012
I love the Rifleman TV series. I watched it as a child and appreciate it more since I'm grown. Chuck Connors is the only man that could ever play the Rifleman. Johnny Crawford was perfect as his son, Mark. 

Rachelle Berven said:   February 22nd, 2012
Thank you so much for the site. loved The Rifleman TV series when I was a young girl. In search of any DVD's of The Rifleman. Not having much luck. Had a big crush on Johnny Crawford. Will come back again soon. Again, Thank you for your website. Mr. Conners was a great man.

Jeff Twist said:   February 14th, 2012
I grew up in southwest Kansas in a little town watching the Rifleman. Back when the black & white TV was really just that way. I was watching the Rifleman with my son yesterday and he asked why it didn't have any color. Classic. I never realized Chuck Connors great and diverse career. enjoy the site. 

M.Williams said:   February 10th, 2012
Loved the Rifleman as a kid, loved Chuck Connors....still watch it today...Love the show.....

Tommy R said:   February 10th, 2012
A great tribute site to a great personality. Loved The Rifleman and I own the entire series. It should be mandatory viewing for fathers and fathers-to-be. Chuck handled the father-son role so naturally on screen, one just knew that he was the same type of father in real life. The father-son lessons were a wonderful backdrop to wild life in the wild west. RIP Chuck, you left us way too soon.

Robert Barr said:   February 8th, 2012
Never miss The Rifleman - watch on MeTV and AMC - Watched as a child and now see it so differently as an adult - Great moral show - Loved anything Chuck was in

Jules said:   February 6th, 2012
When ever I need a Chuck Connors fix or just miss him I love to come and look at the pictures. Many of his movies I have not seen. Love watching them when I can find them. It is just like they just came out.

Rhonda Villalobos said:   February 4th, 2012
My husband and I love the Rifleman! Watch it on Saturday mornings! We are big Chuck Connor fans!

Sandie Kinsey said:   February 3rd, 2012
I absolutely love Chuck Conners, I would have loved to meet him. My husband and I watch The Rifleman every night, 2 episodes 6pm-7pm on MeTv. I love all the "lessons learned" moments. What a quality show! Today's tv shows could take a lesson from this one! Thank you Rifleman!

Annie Brown said:   January 26th, 2012
I love your site! Particularly the fact that you change the "top line" photos periodically. I check back frequently to see what they are .

Denise Cunningham said:   January 21st, 2012
This is a wonderful tribute to an actor who had such a diversified career.

Denise Underwood said:   January 18th, 2012
I'm so happy you have this tribute to Mr. Connors, never met him, but enjoyed his film and the greatness behind this wonderful person!!!

Marcy said:   January 16th, 2012
Great site! I love all the pictures and some terrific info, too! Keep up the good work!

J J said:   January 15th, 2012
This is such a great site. If you are a Chuck Connors fan, this is the place to be.

M. Stevens said:   January 13th, 2012
Wonderful site.