In 1969, Chuck co-starred with legendary actor Robert Ryan in this Jules Verne inspired movie, Captain Nemo.   Chuck played U. S. Senator Robert Fraser who is on a diplomatic mission to Europe to keep them out of the Civil War.   A terrible storm forces Senator Fraser and other passengers to abandon ship; however, their lifeboat is swamped and it looks like all are lost in the sea. When out of the depths come several divers who rescue  

Captain Nemo

them from drowning.  The survivors are brought to a strange underwater city that is ruled by Captain Nemo. Sen. Fraser is impressed with the ingenuity of the Captain and the beautiful city that exists far beneath the sea.  Although it appears to be a perfect world and they are being treated with great courtesy and luxury, the rescued soon discover that they are not really guests at all but prisoners that cannot be allowed to leave the city.  Captain Nemo has a great disdain for the world above and is building his own version of paradise.  If he allowed them to leave, he is certain that the world above will learn of his of paradise. Fraser is determined to return to his world and continue his mission of avoiding an escalation of the Civil War.  When Captain Nemo refuses to allow him to leave, Fraser hatches a plot with Nemo's second in command which leads to some very exciting underwater scenes.