"To Chuck Connors,
Welcome Back, Gregory Peck"

"To Chuck, My long time friend. With Warm Personal Regards,
                                          Monte Hale"

"To Chuck Connors
With appreciation and best wishes, Richard Nixon"

"To Chuck, Howdy Pardner
    Sincerely, Mel Tillis"

"To Chuck and Kamala, with love and admiration always,
                                Bob and Delores"

"To Chuck, A great man who set a great example for me,
                                Sylvester Stallone"

"Chuck, to be asked for an autograph from one of my all time favorites is both ironic and thrilling.  Thanks for all the happy moments growing up.  Looking forward to seeing you soon. 
                                      Bob Costas" 

"To CC, Love from CC"

"For big Chuck - from little Chuck"

"To Chuck with friendship and best wishes to a true campaigner
Sincerely, Ron"

"To Chuck with best wishes, Hank"

"Dear Chuck - What a pleasure, 

           With Love, Angela"

"To my dear friend Chuck - We've been through a lot together! 
                                        Best,  Kirk 1989"

"To Chuck Connors, Good Luck!      

                Chuck Yeager"

"Dear Chuck,  To a tall young actor from a short old one.
                                  Best, George"

"For Chuck Connors- from a fan
Happy Birthday and Love, Neil Diamond"

"Hi Chuck, Congratulations on thinking about quitting smoking."
                                       Larry Hagman

"To Chuck, you and the Dodgers are both Champions.
 It was a real honor to be your team-mate.  Your buddy, Tommy Lasorda

"To Chuck Connors,
Your still The Rifleman to me, Willie Nelson"

"To Chuck,
Look forward to seein' you soon, Charlie Sheen"

Best Wishes

"Chuck, Your talent grows and your friendship wears very well indeed,

                                          Your Amigo, Ricardo"

"Dear Chuck,
Forgive my omission that's what happens when one gets old.
 Love to you" Burt Lancaster


"For Chuck, my Main Man!   Frank Sinatra"

"To Chuck, thanks Waylon Jennings"